[Exclusive] "The Exorcist" Star Ben Daniels Picks His Favorite Season 2 Moments So Far! - Bloody Disgusting
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After a Thanksgiving hiatus, “The Exorcist” returns to FOX tonight, December 1, for the eighth episode of its second season. The season has been pretty insane thus far, notably shocking us with a massive twist about a creepy little girl and surprising us yet again with the reveal of which character is possessed by a demon this time around.

It’s… an adult male?! Well, that’s a new one. And that’s what the show has been all about: delivering fresh twists and doing the franchise’s name, at long last, so very proud.

“The Exorcist” has once again been bringing the goods this year, and we wanted to recap some of Season 2’s best moments while you wait for the new episode. Who better to do that for us, we figured, than star Ben “Marcus Keane” Daniels himself!

Read (and watch) along as Ben recaps his favorite moments from Season 2 so far…

Episode 3, “Unclean”:

“Episode 3 is when season 2 really started to stake its territory as a totally unique horror show. It is directed by horror boss Ti West; as soon as he was on board not only was I flat out excited (House of The Devil is hands down one of the best horrors of the last decade), but knew he was made of the right stuff to take us on the slow burn journey to that surprising, unsettling climax.

This scene is when Marcus and Tomas try to get the demon to manifest in Harper, played by the oh so talented Beatrice Kitsos.”

Episode 4, “One for Sorrow”:

“Anybody who’s ever suffered a bout of sleep paralysis will have had their buttons pushed when Li Jun Li’s Rose wakes up in the middle of the night to find a shadow man lurking with intent in her bedroom in Episode 4. Terrifying!”

Episode 5, “There But for the Grace of God, Go I”:

“Episode 5 has a sequence where everybody’s favourite demon child (!!!SPOILER!!!) Grace uses a doll as a witchcraft poppet to remote control Truck. We were blessed with amazingly talented young actors this season (Cyrus, Amélie and Brianna are fantastic here) and under the direction of brilliant Alex Garcia Lopez, this section is as horrifying as it is nauseating. Kudos also to our amazing sound design team…..thud, thud, thud.”

Episode 5, “There But for the Grace of God, Go I”:

“Again from Episode 5, Father Tomas experiences the demon’s possessions and brutal murders throughout the ages first hand. My wonderful compadre Alfonso Herrera is always totally compelling to watch and he’s at his finest here in this dreamlike ghost train sequence, taking us on the ride as he lurches through, and feels, the pain and terror of each onslaught.”

Episode 6, “Darling Nikki”:

“You could stick a pin anywhere in Episode 6 and find a chunk o’ horror to delight all tastes. I think it’s my favourite Exorcist episode to date. It’s so taut and it grips a vice-like clammy hand around the throat to the explosive finale. I was scared watching it and I knew what was around each corner. I love working with Jason Ensler (he’s directed 5 of our 20 episodes), he’s incredibly trusting as a director and gently steers everyone so you’re all firing in the same place. 

It’s hard for me to choose just one piece but the most fun I’ve had on set for a long time was a long nine page scene (which is really rare in television) where Marcus is chasing the demon out of Andy. Over tea! John Cho is a brilliant actor, he’s very present which means you can hurl anything out at him and he’ll pick it up and hurl it right back. The scene took about 14 hours to shoot and each take was around 10 minutes long.”

Episode 7, “Help Me”:

“In Episode 7, we see an exorcism from the demon’s point of view. Having watched probably every possession movie ever made I’m pretty sure that’s a first. I can’t remember seeing it before. The exorcists are seen by possessed Andy as demons. Alfonso and I had the best time screaming around the room as demonic versions of Marcus and Tomas for a couple of days wearing ridiculously sharp false teeth, accidentally biting the insides of our mouths and laughing hysterically. Fortunately it all looks terrifying.

We even got to do The Exorcist version of the mannequin challenge……yes that’s not a special effect, it’s us standing still take after take. FYI my drool is all my own work. #proud”