5 Things That Happened in the "Ash vs. Evil Dead" Season 3 Premiere - Bloody Disgusting
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The GhostBeaters are back. And evil doesn’t stand a chance.

Last night was a huge night for horror, as not only did AMC bring “The Walking Dead” back for the second half of its eighth season, but Starz kicked off the third (and hopefully not last) season of “Ash vs. Evil Dead.” As per usual, the show wasted zero time getting back to the good stuff, delivering 30-minutes of breakneck Evil Dead insanity.

Let’s recap last night’s events, shall we?

1) Evil returned to Elk Grove

For starters, the demonic force returned to Elk Grove right off the bat, forcing Ash to put his career as the owner of his late father’s hardware store on hold. Ash was brought out of Deadite-slaying retirement when a young woman brought the infamous Book of the Dead to an auction house – naturally, the Deadite-raising incantation was unknowingly read aloud.

With only 10 episodes per season, at under 30-minutes apiece, “Ash vs. Evil Dead” never delays the return of the Deadites, which remains one of its strongest suits.

2) Ash reunited with the daughter (and wife) he didn’t know about

One of first things Bruce Campbell ever told us about Season 3 is that we’d be meeting Ash’s estranged daughter, Brandy Barr, and we indeed did meet her in the premiere episode last night. Brandy is played by Arielle Carver O’Neill, and she’s a student at the high school Ash himself went to as a youngin’ – in a humorous line that poked fun at the fact that Linda, Ash’s ex-girlfriend, has been played by four different actresses across the Evil Dead franchise, Ash remarked that he met his “first Linda” at that very high school.

Ash also reunited with Candy Barr, Brandy’s mother, who he had no memory of marrying in an alcohol-fueled shotgun – or should I say, boomstick – wedding years prior.

While Candy was beheaded with a cymbal, it’s looking like Brandy and Ash will be joining forces as a Deadite slaying, father-daughter duo. Now that should be fun!

3) We met Dalton, leader of the Knights of Sumeria

Another new character introduced in the Season 3 premiere was Dalton (Lindsay Farris), the leader of a group known as the Knights of Sumeria. We don’t yet know all that much about Dalton at this point in time, but we do know that he rides a motorcycle and is Ash’s biggest fan. Dalton, in his own words, has been preparing to fight the Deadite invasion his entire life, and doing so side by side with Ash is needless to say a dream come true for him.

Dalton was brought into the GhostBeaters fold by a returning (and more badass than ever) Kelly at the end of the episode. The group is now five members deep.

4) Ruby impregnated herself with… Ash?

In what was easily the episode’s most bizarre scene, Ruby (Lucy Lawless) appeared to raise a second Ash from the pages of the Necronomicon, which she acquired from the aforementioned auction house. It’s hard to know exactly what Ruby is up to, but she performed a bizarre ritual with the book, bleeding onto it and literally drinking in its contents.

Specifically, the image of a heroic Ash from inside the pages of the book was lifted off by the blood ritual, consumed by Ruby and seemingly impregnating her with… something.

Is it a baby Ash? Only time will tell.

5) Ash killed his daughter’s best friend with a harp

As always, the Season 3 premiere of “Ash vs. Evil Dead” was loaded with gory effects, most notably one of the show’s most memorable Deadite kills to date. Brandy’s best friend was possessed by the evil force towards the end of the episode, leading Ash to make a fittingly bizarre first impression on his daughter by killing her BFF right in front of her.

Dude just can’t catch a break, can he?

While a possessed Rachel was playing a giant harp, Ash kicked it down on top of her, trapping her face underneath the strings. He then jumped on top of the harp, slamming the strings straight through her head and slicing it neatly into nine different pieces. Many on social media were praising the practical effects, and we were right there with them.

Watch the gruesome scene above!

“Ash vs. Evil Dead” is back with Season 3’s second episode on Sunday, March 4.

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