"The Walking Dead": Rick and Negan's Epic Fight Was Inspired By 'They Live' - Bloody Disgusting
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“The Walking Dead”: Rick and Negan’s Epic Fight Was Inspired By ‘They Live’



It was like a pro wrestling death match. And it was awesome.

This past Sunday night’s episode of “The Walking Dead” was easily one of the best hours in all of Season 8, highlighted by an extended sequence wherein Rick and Negan came face to face for the kind of battle I personally wasn’t expecting until later in the season. Of course, no one truly won the fight just yet, but it was pretty cool regardless.

The fight began with Rick flipping Negan’s car and then chasing him into an abandoned building. It ended in a zombie-infested room, with Rick wielding a flaming Lucille.

In this new behind the scenes video from AMC, episode director Greg Nicotero reveals that the fight was partially inspired by the epic, iconic battle from They Live!


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