"Ash vs. Evil Dead" Episode 8 Clips Reference Professor Knowby and Mimic 'Drag Me to Hell' - Bloody Disgusting
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This season of “Ash vs. Evil Dead, we’ve seen a few characters get stabbed with the Kandarian Dagger, which we know to be the definitive way to kill a Deadite. But what happens when a human being gets stabbed with the dagger? Kelly and Brandy have been stabbed in recent weeks; are they dead, or merely trapped in ED‘s version of the Upside Down?

It looks like we’ll be finding out the answer to that question in this Sunday night’s “Rifting Apart,” wherein Ash enters the rift in order to save both Kelly and his daughter.

Starz has provided us with three sneak peek clips of the new episode today, which name drop Professor Knowby and even pay tribute to Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell!

In “Rifting Apart,” airing Sunday night, April 15

“Ash and Pablo realize the rift in the cellar is the key to saving humanity, and devise a plan to save the ones they love.”

Preview the new episode below.


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