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The Least Groovy News: “Ash vs. Evil Dead” Has Hit All Time Ratings Low



We’ve been worried about the ratings of “Ash vs. Evil Dead” all season, as it’s primarily the ratings that dictate whether or not a show is renewed for another season. And today brings more bad news on that front, as we’re super bummed to report that the third season of the Starz series has taken the show into the lowest ratings bracket to date.

This past Sunday night’s episode, titled “Twist and Shout,” saw Good Ash doing battle with yet another Evil Ash, and a large number of “Ash vs. Evil Dead” fans didn’t seem to even watch. Just 136,000 viewers tuned in to watch the show this past Sunday night, significantly down from the 196,000 viewers who watched the previous week.

For comparison’s sake, the third season of “Ash vs. Evil Dead” started pretty strong with 225,000 viewers. Previous seasons were even stronger, with the highest rated episode (the Season 1 finale) pulling in 508,000 viewers. With just a few episodes left in Season 3, you’d think the ratings would be going *up*, but that is sadly not the case.

Here’s how Season 3 has been faring overall:

  • Episode 1  – 225,000 viewers
  • Episode 2 – 171,000 viewers
  • Episode 3 – 160,000 viewers
  • Episode 4 – 176.000 viewers
  • Episode 5 – 179,000 viewers
  • Episode 6 – 196,000 viewers
  • Episode 7 – 136,000 viewers

What’s going on here? Did the apparent death of Kelly in Episode 6 cause tens of thousands of viewers to stop watching “Ash vs. Evil Dead”? Or has the mythology become too messy and the storytelling too familiar for viewers to really continue caring? All we know for sure is that the series is in serious danger of being cancelled.

This coming Sunday night’s (April 15) episode, “Rifting Apart,” is the first of three remaining in Season 3, and Bruce Campbell has long been promising that the final episodes will forever change the world of Evil Dead. Many fans have even been speculating that Ash himself will be killed off in these final three episodes, which would certainly be a game-changing shocker – even if it could always be retconned.

If you want the show to continue, WATCH THESE NEXT THREE EPISODES.

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