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Here’s What Was Cut from the Season 8 Finale of “The Walking Dead”



The creative team had less than an hour (damn commercials) to wrap up the all-out war storyline on “The Walking Dead” this past Sunday night, which means that some things were inevitably left on the cutting room floor. In chats with EW this week, episode director Greg Nicotero and showrunner Scott Gimple shed some light on what was cut.

There was a lot of story to tell, and for me the biggest challenge was really sort of wrapping everything up in terms of Dwight, in terms of Alden, in terms of Morgan, in terms of Jadis. It was just a lot of loose ends that we needed to wrap up,” Nicotero explained. “So it was a big, big episode. And we didn’t have a tremendous amount of time to prep, so I would have liked a little more time with the actual final cut, because there were some things that were left on the cutting room floor that I think would have benefited the episode.”

Gimple dug deeper into precisely what didn’t make the final cut.

There was some really cool stuff with Negan at the Sanctuary sort of addressing the troops and seeing some of his own conflicts about what they’re facing,” Gimple detailed. “There was a lovely exchange between Rick, Michonne, and Maggie that was about the future. There was some great stuff [we had to cut] but I would say not only for time but also for flow. I’d like to show some of those scenes on, like, a DVD, but for the flow of the story, it just benefited from [cutting] it.”

He continued, “It can be really heartbreaking sometimes but I think the flow of stories is important and it’s a worthy challenge in commercial television to have to deal with that. Keeping a tight experience for the audience is also good.”

According to both Gimple and Nicotero, the scenes will likely be available on home video.

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