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Return to Perfection With the Trailer for Kevin Bacon’s “Tremors” Pilot!



We were recently hit with a double dose of real bad news on the horror TV front, with “Ash vs. Evil Dead” being cancelled by Starz after three seasons and Syfy pulling the plug on “Tremors” before it even got off the ground. The Kevin Bacon-starring, small screen reboot of the franchise filmed its pilot last year, but was not ordered to series.

Vincenzo Natali (Splice) was the director of the pilot episode, which may or may not ever be officially released. The trailer for that pilot, however, has surfaced over on Vimeo.

The series was set to pick up 25 years after the killer Graboid worms nearly destroyed the Nevada town of Perfection. Bacon was to reprise the role of Valentine McKee, who beat the sandworms once and would attempt to do it again; but first he’d have to deal with age, alcohol and a delusional hero complex.

The trailer presents what looks to be one seriously fun show, sort of an “Ash vs. Evil Dead” for the Tremors franchise. An ordinary hero, decades after his first brush with evil, is forced to battle the same small town evil once again; seeing Bacon play an older Val McKee, like seeing Bruce Campbell as an older Ash, no doubt would’ve been a real treat.

Ah, what could have been…

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