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James Marsters Loves the Idea of a “Buffy” Reboot and Would Be Up for Returning as Spike



Like many ’90s favorites, the Joss Whedon-created “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” is getting a small screen revival, seemingly hitting the reboot button for a fresh new take on the series that ran from 1997 until 2003. It’s worth noting that the project is right now in its *very* early stages, so it’s impossible to know what form the new series will be taking.

Many fans are none too happy that “Buffy” is being brought back with what we can only assume will be a new Buffy, but star James Marsters loves the idea. Marsters, who played the character Spike in the original series, also has an interest in reprising his beloved role.

I think the world very much needs a new slayer right now,” Marsters tells Indiewire. “I think it is fabulous. I saw a tweet by [showrunner Monica Owusu-Breen], and she wants an entirely new slayer within the universe established by Buffy. So she’s not going to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer — she’s going to be Sabrina or whatever it is. I think that’s a great way to go and I’m very excited about it.”

He continued, “I am open to whatever Joss [Whedon] has in mind — whether that’s playing Spike or something else. I told him that a long time ago. Joss’s mind is always surprising, so yeah. I’m open to playing Spike if Joss is involved. What would be great is if he comes back and he’s like, ‘Buffy, you look terrible — how you’ve aged. I still love you, of course, but…

Whedon is set to executive produce the new series alongside original series’ exec producers Gail Berman, Fran Kazui and Kaz Kazui as well as Joe Earley from Berman’s Jackal Group.

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