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Did You Know Syfy Almost Made a Sequel Miniseries to ‘The Thing’ Back in 2005?!



“We open with footage from the Carpenter movie – the last scene…”

John Carpenter’s The Thing, which ended on a cliffhanger that fans still hotly debate to this day, was followed up by comic books and even a video game, but did you know that Syfy had actually planned on continuing the story with a mini-series back in 2005, six years before Carpenter’s film got the prequel/remake treatment with 2011’s The Thing?!

The Instagram fan account The Thing Collector Community just shared a couple script pages from the abandoned project this week, and they laid out the basic gist of the story.

Back in 2005 SyFy network planned a four-hour Television Mini-Series sequel to The Thing to be called .. wait for it… “Return of The Thing“. It was written by David Leslie Johnson,” they detail. “David is busy to this day (wrote the upcoming Aquaman). The producer was to be Frank Darabont (The Green Mile).

They continue, “It was never produced… why? I don’t know. Doesn’t seem to be any clear reason. Syfy channel was pretty big at the time. My digging hasn’t found a clear reason. If anyone has extra info…. feel free to add to the story.”

The Wiki page for The Thing reveals more details about the planned mini-series, which was going to pick up right after the events of Carpenter’s film and then jump ahead in time.

“The story follows a Russian team who recover the corpses of MacReady and Childs, and remnants of the Thing. The story moves forward 23 years, where the Thing escapes in New Mexico, and follows the attempts at containment.”

You can check out some of Johnson’s script pages below.

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