"The Walking Dead" Actor Katy O'Brian Enters a Different Apocalypse in Syfy's "Z Nation" - Bloody Disgusting
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“The Walking Dead” Actor Katy O’Brian Enters a Different Apocalypse in Syfy’s “Z Nation”



In what may be a first(?), an actor from “The Walking Dead” is joining Syfy’s zombie series “Z Nation, as Deadline reports that Katy O’Brian has been cast in the upcoming fifth season.

O’Brian will play Georgia (aka George) St. Clair, a young hero of the Newpocalypse. Just a college Freshman eight years ago as the Zombie Apocalypse began, she helped lead a group of her fellow students and teachers to NewMerica where she is now a political leader as survivors try to form a new country and learn to deal with a new kind of Zombie.”

O’Brian played “Katy” in Season 8 of “The Walking Dead,” a member of The Saviors who was locked up in Hilltop and eventually killed with a poisoned arrow and turned into a zombie.

Season 5 premieres on Syfy later this year.

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