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“The Walking Dead” Season 9 Adds Comic Book Characters Tammy Rose and Earl



Some more Season 9 casting news for “The Walking Dead” comes to us courtesy of Skybound tonight, the site reporting that Brett Butler is Tammy Rose and John Finn is Earl in the upcoming season, two characters surely familiar to readers of the comic books.

The site details…

“First introduced in Issue 135, Tammy Rose is an ornery woman who lives at the Hilltop Colony with her husband Morton and son Brandon. Not much is known about her life before the apocalypse, but we do know she is fiercely protective of her family. In fact, the first time we see her she FUMES about her son and friend nearly getting beaten to death by Carl, who was protecting Sophia from getting hit herself. Despite the circumstances, Tammy goes ballistic on Maggie and makes her lock Carl up (which she does).”

“In the comics, Earl is the Hilltop’s easygoing blacksmith who helps create weapons and armor for the colony. Eventually, he mentors Carl and helps protect his neighbors during the Whisperer War. However, the show’s version of Earl will be married to Brett Butler’s Tammy, meaning his character could be remixed with Tammy’s comic husband Morton.”

Other newcomers include Samantha Morton as Whisperers leader Alpha, with Ryan Hurst co-starring as second-in-command Beta. Cassady McClincy will play Lydia, Alpha’s daughter.

“The Walking Dead” will return to AMC on October 7.

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