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Have You Been Finding the Hidden Ghosts in “Haunting of Hill House”? Here’s a Guide to Get You Started



To reduce Netflix and Mike Flanagan’s “The Haunting of Hill House” to merely a ghost story would be doing the series a disservice, as it’s actually way more focused on character drama than it is paranormal terror. Personally, I like to describe it as “the horror version of Six Feet Under,” and it’s because Flanagan and company make us care so deeply about the characters that the series has the power to genuinely send chills up the spine when it desires to.

Yes, “The Haunting of Hill House” is bone-chilling at times, but it’s the deep and complex character work that makes Flanagan’s new project a standout horror series.

An added bonus of awesomeness? As we revealed in a chat with Flanagan last week, he and the team have hidden ghosts in *almost all* episodes of “The Haunting of Hill House,” which serve as creepy Easter eggs for viewers. The characters themselves never actually see these ghosts, making their inclusion a fun “ghost hunting” adventure for us and us alone.

The interior was designed so that it could hide ghosts,” Flanagan told Bloody-Disgusting. “That was one of the big things. If you go back and watch the series again, in every episode there’s probably somewhere between eight and 10 ghosts that are just hidden in plain sight that we called no attention to but they’re there. I’m giddy about when the show launches and people start to spot them. I think that’s going to be really fun. We had a blast just hiding them all over the set whenever we were shooting. It’s pretty cool.”

Supervising producer and frequent Flanagan screenwriter Jeff Howard added that some of the ghosts come from past Hill House adaptations, and even Flanagan’s own movies.

Some of them are old friends too from past projects,” Howard said. “There’s a couple of fun little cameos with people from the movies. If you’re a fan of the movies, you’ll get a good little laugh from seeing them show up. I’m sure you saw a cameo from the original Hill House movie. There’s also a bunch from the Flanagan Cinematic Universe.”

So when/where can you actually spot these ghosts? They’re often very hard to notice unless you’re paying strict attention to what’s going on in the background, but we wanted to highlight a few of them for you here today. Of course, part of the fun here is finding these spooky Easter eggs for yourself, but we figured we’d help you get started on this ghost hunting adventure.

First up, here’s how many you should be looking for in each episode:

  • Episode 1: 4 Ghosts
  • Episode 2: 2 Ghosts
  • Episode 3: 9 Ghosts
  • Episode 4: 3 Ghosts
  • Episode 5: 3 Ghosts
  • Episode 6: 0 Ghosts
  • Episode 7: 2 Ghosts
  • Episode 8: 0 Ghosts
  • Episode 9: 4 Ghosts
  • Episode 10: ?

And here are some screen-grabs (and time stamps) of a select few of these ghosts:

EPISODE 1: 52 Seconds

EPISODE 3: 39 minutes, 40 seconds

EPISODE 5: 22 minutes, 1 second

EPISODE 7: 49 minutes, 45 seconds

EPISODE 9: 8 minutes, 12 seconds

You’re on your own from here. Happy (ghost) hunting!

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