[Video] After That Crazy Cliffhanger, Preview the Most Must-Watch Episode in the History of "The Walking Dead" - Bloody Disgusting
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[Video] After That Crazy Cliffhanger, Preview the Most Must-Watch Episode in the History of “The Walking Dead”



It’s not going to be the series finale, but it sure feels like it is.

Almost exactly eight years ago, we met actor Andrew Lincoln’s take on comic book character Rick Grimes in AMC’s “The Walking Dead, and Lincoln has been with us every step of the way since that very first episode on Halloween night of 2010. But Lincoln’s days on the show are numbered. And Rick Grimes is leaving us next Sunday night, November 4th.

The common belief all these years has been that Rick Grimes is 100% death proof, but as we recently learned, his final hour will be Season 9’s fifth episode, titled ‘What Comes After.’ And tonight’s fourth episode left us off on a huge cliffhanger, suggesting that Rick isn’t just walking off into the sunset but, in all likelihood, being definitively killed off from the show.

After a tense sequence wherein Rick and Daryl narrowly escaped becoming hot lunch inside a pit, the two split up, with Rick commandeering a white horse in an effort to shepherd a horde of walkers away from the work camp. Freaked out by the approaching walkers, the horse threw Rick off, literally impaling him through the stomach on a large steel support bar.

The episode left us with Rick stuck in place, a massive horde of walkers inching closer. Is this how Rick dies? Will he become a meal next week, unable to escape what looks to be a grisly fate? We won’t find out for sure until November 4, but the episode’s trailer offers some clues.

It’s looking like Rick is going to be spending his final moments revisiting scenes from his past, with departed friends including Shane and Hersel promised to make return appearances.

This is it. This is really it. And we won’t be missing it for the world.

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