Greg Nicotero Teases Arrival of the Whisperers on "The Walking Dead"; "We're Reintroducing Scares Back into the Show" - Bloody Disgusting
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Greg Nicotero Teases Arrival of the Whisperers on “The Walking Dead”; “We’re Reintroducing Scares Back into the Show”



Could the Whisperers make “The Walking Dead” genuinely scary again?

At least as far as the main series is concerned, Rick Grimes is gone and we’ve now jumped six years beyond the previous events of the current ninth season, so needless to say, “The Walking Dead” is going to be a very different show when it returns this coming Sunday night. On the horizon for the next few episodes? The arrival of the creepy gang known as The Whisperers.

Fans of the comic books are of course familiar with the creepy ass Whisperers, a group of humans who blend in with the walkers by literally wearing walker flesh. On the show, our heroes have been known to coat themselves with the blood and guts of walkers in an effort to blend in undetected, but the Whisperers take that idea to whole new levels of disturbing.

The Whisperers are led by Alpha and Beta, being played by series newcomers Samantha Morton and Ryan Hurst, and they’re going to be a serious threat to Michonne, Daryl and the gang in the very near future. Hyping up their arrival on “Talking Dead” last night, Greg Nicotero promised that the arrival of the Whisperers will dial up the show’s terror.

Just outside the realm of what we understand, there’s a whole new world out there, and there’s a whole new threat out there,” Nicotero teased. “It’s creepy. It’s unsettling. It’s weird. It’s scary. And that’s the one thing that I’m really proud of. We’re sort of reintroducing the scares back into the show.

No, those weren’t talking zombies that were teased in the trailer for the next three episodes of “The Walking Dead” (below). Rather, that was our first glimpse at the Whisperers.

And we are so ready for “The Walking Dead” to be scary again.

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