We Totally Missed This 'Evil Dead' Necronomicon Easter Egg in Rick's Final Episode of "The Walking Dead" - Bloody Disgusting
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We Totally Missed This ‘Evil Dead’ Necronomicon Easter Egg in Rick’s Final Episode of “The Walking Dead”



Whenever Greg Nicotero directs an episode of “The Walking Dead” you can expect him to pay tribute to a favorite horror film, which usually comes in the form of a zombie made to look like an iconic horror movie zombie from the past. But last Sunday night’s ‘What Comes After,’ aka Rick’s final episode, featured a cameo from a familiar location and prop.

As pointed out by Halloween Love, Rick makes a pit stop at a dilapidated cabin while he’s bleeding out and barely clinging on to life, where he has a delusion of a reunion with fallen friend Shane Walsh. The cabin, as you probably noticed, looked a whole lot like the iconic cabin from The Evil Dead, but you maybe didn’t notice the Necronomicon inside!

(Honestly, we missed it entirely. And we thank HL for the heads up.)

Not only is there a deer head on the wall of the cabin, but at one point, Nicotero makes sure to show that the Book of the Dead is lying on the floor, right next to a handgun.

It’s interesting to note that Greg Nicotero actually worked on Evil Dead 2 early in his career, on the makeup effects crew. A fun little nod to his own past, via “The Walking Dead”!

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