Rupert Wyatt No Longer Involved With Showtime's "Halo" TV Series - Bloody Disgusting
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Rupert Wyatt No Longer Involved With Showtime’s “Halo” TV Series



We learned earlier this summer that Showtime is developing a small screen adaptation of the Halo video game franchise, ordering a season of 10 episodes back in June. The project is said to be Showtime’s “most ambitious series ever,” promised to “enthrall fans while also drawing the uninitiated into a world of complex characters that populate this unique universe.”

Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) was on board to direct multiple episodes and also executive produce, but Deadline reports tonight that he’s off the project.

Showtime’s adaptation of Halo is evolving beautifully with rich characters, compelling stories and powerful scripts,” said Gary Levine, President of Programming, Showtime Networks in a statement. “Obviously, the production demands of this series are enormous, and we have had to add time to the schedule in order to do it right. Sadly, this delay has created a conflict for Rupert, whom we warmly thank for all he has brought to the project.”

It’s with great disappointment that changes to the production schedule of Halo prevent me from continuing in my role as a director on the series,” said Wyatt. “My time on Halo has been a creatively rich and rewarding experience with a phenomenal team of people. I now join the legion of fans out there, excited to see the finished series and wishing everyone involved the very best.”

Speaking with IGN back in August, Levine teased details about the upcoming series.

It is a new story but we are being incredibly respectful of the canon and working with the Microsoft 343 people to be sure we don’t violate any of that,” he told the site.

It is a very different genre, it’s futuristic, space-based science-fiction, it’s not fantasy,” he continued. “It took us a long time to get the script but we felt like we had something that was really interesting and felt like it belonged on Showtime in terms of its character depth, and it’s gonna be a big show.”

The series is expected to arrive sometime in 2020.

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