Ahead of Season 9's Return, AMC Has Renewed "The Walking Dead" for a 10th Season - Bloody Disgusting
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Ahead of Season 9’s Return, AMC Has Renewed “The Walking Dead” for a 10th Season



The ratings may not be quite what they used to be in the show’s prime, but AMC damn sure still has a cash cow on their hands with “The Walking Dead. Not only are TV movies in the works that’ll bring back Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes, but we’ve just learned ahead of Season 9’s return that the network has officially renewed the zombie series for a 10th season!

Cleverly, the news was revealed by The Whisperers over on Twitter, and you can check out that (creepy) tweet below. It indicates that, as expected, Season 10 will arrive October 2019.

But first, Season 9 of “The Walking Dead” returns to AMC on February 10th.

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