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Clive Barker Updates on “Nightbreed” TV Series; “We’re Putting the Team Together”




Not only is a “Books of Blood” TV Series in the works, but as we learned last summer, Clive Barker‘s Nightbreed is also getting a TV series. It was of course Barker himself who turned his novella Cabal into a feature film back in 1990, and we had heard last year that writer Josh Stolberg (Jigsaw, Piranha) had been brought in to adapt it for the small screen.

In a new chat with the official Clive Barker website, Barker updated on the project.

Nightbreed is moving forward at quite a rate with a couple of very well-known directors showing a great deal of interest in it,” Barker revealed. “I am on board to provide mythologies and ideas and hopefully put the Barkerian weirdness on the material. At the moment, we’re putting the team together: we have a writer, director, producers and now that the New Year has begun we’ll all get together and start to plan the long-term narrative, not just the opening narrative which is what we’ve done so far.”

He added, “I have the sense that, if all the things that I’ve been promised come true, there is a real passion for matching the tone of both the book and the film.”

Nightbreed explores race relations in America, only the races are Humans and Monsters. It follows a group of underground half-human/half-monsters seeking to find a new refuge and home after their original hiding place is destroyed. Leading these efforts is a recently turned reluctant hero who not only is adjusting to his new supernatural status but also is dealing with the grief and mystery surrounding the death of his fiancée. Will this group band together despite being hunted and persecuted by humans who find their “otherness” to be frightening?

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