If You Missed It, Watch the Kickass Daryl vs. Beta Fight Scene from "The Walking Dead" Last Night - Bloody Disgusting
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If You Missed It, Watch the Kickass Daryl vs. Beta Fight Scene from “The Walking Dead” Last Night



Wherein Beta comes bursting into the room like the Kool-Aid Man.

The “Fastlane” event may have aired on the WWE Network last night, but the fight of the night actually took place on “The Walking Dead. As promised, last night’s ‘Chokepoint’ pit Daryl Dixon up against Whisperers co-leader Beta for a two-minute fight sequence that may not quite have given They Live a run for its money, but was totally badass all the same.

The episode primarily centered on Daryl, Connie and Henry baiting Beta and a group of Whisperers into a high-rise building, leading to an extended fight sequence between Daryl and Beta that culminated with Daryl knocking Beta down an elevator shaft. Of course, the fall didn’t kill the show’s new “big bad,” but he’s now hungrier than ever for Daryl’s blood.

Episode director Liesl Tommy explained, “I worked really hard with Monte and Josh, our stunt guys, to make a fight that felt worthy of these two actors (Norman Reedus and Ryan Hurst). So you just want that fight to be as visceral and brutal and, at the same time, feel like these are two men who may not be physically matched, but they match in intensity.”

You can check out the whole scene below, along with a making-of featurette.

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