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How Do You Define “Survival Horror”?



The 1996 zombie game Resident Evil was the foundation of the “survival horror” subgenre. It’s one of those indisputable facts, much like how Night of the Living Dead gave birth to the modern idea of zombies. But that term has since become rather confusing as more and more horror games are adding elements that seemingly detract from what Resident Evil brought to the table.

In the below video from Argent Cypher, the case is made that not only did Resident Evil coin the term “survival horror” but that the sequel Resident Evil 4 essentially killed it! It’s a rather interesting video that provides several good examples and arguments as to what the true definition of “survival horror” should be while at the same time explaining that certain titles don’t deserve that moniker.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Looking back on certain games and their franchises, did you see a change in gameplay, such as with the Dead Space series, that necessitated a different way to describe them? Give us your thoughts in the comments!