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Preview the Jarvis House Map from ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’!



Not only is the physical copy of Friday the 13th: The Game being released for Playstation 4 and Xbox One this Friday (the 13th), but a whole lot of new (and totally free!) content is coming along with it. Part 4 Jason, Part 4 map, rain weathering and a new counselor (based on Part 3’s Chuck) join the game on October 13!

Oh and October 13 – 15 is a Double XP Weekend!

Today brings a brand new look at the new map (and new Jason), courtesy of images and a trailer. The Final Chapter map will include the Jarvis House, along with the vacation house across the street. The extra fun thing about this map? The cabin from Pumpkinhead was the same filming location as the Jarvis house, so it also serves as a Pumpkinhead map!

Part 4 Jason unlocks at Level 44. He’ll wield a nasty pig-splitter as his weapon.

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