Lovecraftian Cult Management Game 'The Shrouded Isle' Gets Free 'Sunken Sins' DLC - Bloody Disgusting
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Lovecraftian Cult Management Game ‘The Shrouded Isle’ Gets Free ‘Sunken Sins’ DLC



Some say the Gods are random. But not this God.

We recently told you about The Shrouded Isle, which launched over the Summer. The Lovecraft-inspired game from Kitfox Games allows you to manage your own cult, putting you in the role of mayor of a seaside village that must make seasonal human sacrifices to Chernobog, a god sleeping beneath the sea, in order to protect the village.

The game gets a free DLC expansion with The Shrouded Isle: Sunken Sins, plunging the cult management simulator into more brain-bending waters than ever before.

“A mysterious spiritual contagion has reached The Shrouded Isle, and players must now forcibly “purify” those inflicted or suffer the consequences. Lock the infected away into the purification tower and allow the salt water to wash away their sins, but such treatment can have ill effects on the healthy.”

The Sunken Sins DLC features these major improvements:

  • A revised, more robust inquiry system – discover villager reputations more strategically
  • A lengthened campaign mode – 5 years until Chernobog’s awakening instead of 3
  • New purification tower game mechanic
  • A new cinematic ending to find
  • Additional events & personality traits
  • New art and animations
  • ….Madness…? Or that which this closed society would deem to be so…

Sunken Sins is now available to all current and future owners of The Shrouded Isle.


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