Kojima's 'P.T.' Gets Retro 1998 Makeover for Playable Fan-Made Game - Bloody Disgusting
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Kojima’s ‘P.T.’ Gets Retro 1998 Makeover for Playable Fan-Made Game



Yes, you can finally play P.T. again… as if it was made in 1998?!

Developed by Kojima Productions and published by Konami, the infamous 2014 horror game P.T. needs no introduction. As the title suggests, it was actually an interactive, playable teaser that was meant to pave the way for Silent Hills, which of course ended up getting cancelled. So too did P.T., which was deleted off the face of the Earth.

Fans have over the years made their own remakes, so to speak, of P.T., intended to allow other fans to play a game that cannot actually be officially played anymore. The latest of those fan-made remakes comes courtesy of YouTube’s 98Demake, who just put a 1998-inspired spin on P.T. and is offering up the “de-make” as a playable experience.

Not a full thing, never will be,” he says. “Enjoy the sightseeing!

If you want to explore the corridors yourself, click here to play.


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