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[Video] Watch the ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ Developers Play Upcoming Single Player Challenges



“Every challenge is going to have five storyline-based objectives.”

The recent addition of offline bots for Friday the 13th: The Game was a real game-changer, quite literally, allowing you to slice and dice the counselors without having to wait for other players. Offline solo play is the game’s only single player offering at this moment in time, but single player storyline challenges are coming very, very soon.

Every update that’s been announced since February 9th will be part of the game’s next major update, including a brand new game engine and, most notably, the hotly-anticipated Single Player Challenges. The challenges will essentially allow you to make your own little slasher movies, with pre-set objectives built into a playable storyline.

On Twitch last night, developers Wes and Dan previewed the Single Player Challenges, playing through two of the challenges and telling you everything you need to know.

Watch the video below, if you missed it live last night!

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