[Video] Someone Created a Detailed 'Jurassic Park' Map in 'Far Cry 5' - Bloody Disgusting
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In addition to its massive open world setting of Hope County, Montana, Ubisoft’s newly-released Far Cry 5 also features the return of the franchise’s popular Map Editor, which allows you to create your own playable maps and challenges for other gamers. We’ve already seen some kickass map mods, but this latest one is the coolest to date.

As shown off in a video walkthrough on the YouTube channel Forge Labs, gamer D4RKDEATH painstakingly recreated Jurassic Park in Far Cry 5, positively nailing all of the film’s main locations within the park. The map is even loaded with Easter egg treats for Jurassic Park fans, and it’s available for download now for Xbox One.

What about Playstation 4, you ask? Well, a YouTube commenter, who may be D4RKDEATH himself, teases in the comments of the Forge Labs walkthrough video, “I am building a bigger Jurassic Park map on Playstation 4. It will include the interior of the visitors center. Should have it in a week or 2.”

We’ll keep you posted!


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