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Become Possessed With Upcoming Retro Adventure Game ‘Unavowed’



Let’s face it: There aren’t that many games these days about demonic possession. Fearem’s asymmetrical multiplayer game Daemonical immediately pops out, but what else is there? Funny you (or I) should mention that, as Wadjet Eye Games’ retro-inspired adventure game Unavowed is set to be released on Steam on August 8th.

The game was first revealed two years ago, and immediately brings to mind classic adventure games like I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream or Gabriel Knight. The story concerns you being possessed by a demon one year ago. Since that time, you apparently left quite a mess of bodies around New York City. Your salvation comes from the Unavowed, an ancient society dedicated to stopping evil. Still, that doesn’t help much when the world is a mess and you’re on the run from the police. With the Unavowed, you’ve got to clear your name and fight back against the coming darkness.

Being retro-inspired, the game will have minuscule system requirements (such as 640×360 resolution), but that doesn’t mean that the game will be pithy. Far from it, as you’ll have three playable origin stories, two selectable characters to play as, with a total of four companion characters to choose from with their own talents and abilities. Not to mention voice-acting, commentary and original music, amongst other things. If you’re a sucker for old-school adventure games from the mid-90s, this is one to keep an eye on. Check out its Steam page for more info.

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