Battle With Friends in New 'Fallout 76' Video - Bloody Disgusting
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Battle With Friends in New ‘Fallout 76’ Video



The other day, Bethesda showed off a little of the gameplay for Fallout 76. Admittedly, it looks good, but what about that multiplayer component? Wonder no more, as Bethesda has released a two-minute video entitled “You Will Emerge! Introduction to Multiplayer”, showing off not only the gory goods of shooting an enemy with a flintlock pistol, but also the things you and your friends can do when you team up in the game.

Granted, you and your friends might not be all that keen to be starting a garage band or replicating The Great British Bake Off, but the video shows some of the stuff you can do. Like taking on mutant sloths while roaming the wastelands, or giving a thumbs-up to your buddy that just saved your butt from a Crafton Monster.

Again, I’m still not entirely for Bethesda’s new approach to this entry in the series, but you can’t deny that it does look fun.

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