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Search For Answers And Sanity in ‘Infliction’



It’s tough being an indie game developer, especially if it’s a one-person project. Take Caustic Reality’s Infliction, which is currently in development by just one man, Clinton McCleary, and has been for over two and a half years. The game is currently on Steam, but in a rarity for this day and age, there’s a demo available on the game’s Steam page.

The premise for Infliction was inspired by Clinton’s own fears as a new father, with the thought of “this could be happening right next door”. The game puts you in a seemingly normal-looking suburban home. However, as you wander the halls, reading letters and listening to voicemails, you find out things are anything but normal. You also find out that you’re not alone in the house, as whatever remained from the horrible events that happened before is now after you. As you hunt for clues to piece together what went on in the house, that something is hunting you.

Currently, Clinton is running a Kickstarter to hire an animator to give the game polish, but regardless of how the Kickstarter turns out, the game will be released in October this year. If you’re so inclined, you can support the project on Kickstarter here. You can also check out the official site for more info on the game.

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