Educate Yourself in The ABCs of Happiness in Latest "We Happy Few" Trailer - Bloody Disgusting
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Educate Yourself in The ABCs of Happiness in Latest “We Happy Few” Trailer



With that August 10 launch date creeping closer, Compulsion have dropped another trailer for their Dystopian nightmare We Happy Few. This one in particular detailing just what happens to someone when they have to be “re-educated” about happiness in Wellington Wells. And yes, that was 1984 and Brave New World hitting you upside the head.

The trailer also takes the opportunity to introduce several characters within the game that you’ll eventually be playing as throughout the course of the story. There’s Arthur, a redactor at the Department of Printing, Recycling and Archives, who goes off of his Joy once he comes across a particular article that shakes him. He soon meets Sally, a scientist and socialite with expertise in chemistry and sneaking who also has her secrets. Lastly there’s Ollie, an ornery veteran soldier who lives in the ruins of a train station outside of town with the rest of the Wastrels (people on the fringes of society after taking a bad batch of Joy).

Things are definitely getting interesting with this reveal of info, which is perfect for those on the fence about getting the game. But come on, you were going to get it, anyay.

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