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Adam And Imhotep Revealed in New ‘Omen of Sorrow’ Trailer



With the team behind TerrorDrome currently at work on the follow-up (sans licensed characters, sadly) called TerrorDrome: Reign of the Legends, AOne Games have dropped a little update on their horror-themed fighting game, Omen of Sorrow.

The game, which has been in development for a few years now, is a classic 2D four-button fighting game with 12 characters inspired by classical horror, fantasy and mythology. The latest trailer has revealed two of the selectable characters, Adam (Frankenstein’s monster) and Imhotep (inspired by, well, The Mummy).

The backstory for Adam has him wandering Europe in search of someone who can bring his father, Victor Frankenstein, back to life. Meanwhile, Imhotep claims to have once been a god, who was betrayed and dismembered. His limbs were spread across the world and he has spent millennia trying to put his body back together.

As you can see from the trailer, Adam appropriately uses brute strength and lighting attacks, while Imhotep can sever his body parts and magically have them attack separately from each other, as well as summon a fireball. Other characters that have been revealed so far include Vladislav III (based on Dracula, and the game’s main antagonist), Quasimodo, Gabriel (a cursed monster hunter), Zafkiel (Gabriel’s angelic counterpart), Dr Hyde (your amalgamation of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde), Caleb (a Werewolf) and Radegonda (a Succubus).

You can check out some gameplay footage from EVO 2018 here. Omen of Sorrow is aiming for a late 2018 release for PlayStation 4.

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