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Survive Zombie Hordes in Co-op Overhead Shooter ‘Final Days’



Hotline Miami was cool. And GARAGE: Bad Trip is splattery good fun. But what if you’re in the mood for some co-op action in the vein of those two games? Lucky for you, +7 Software has their upcoming overhead zombie shooter, Final Days.

Currently in Early Access, the game is set to launch on September the 18th for $7.99USD (though the Early Access price is $4.99). As mentioned, the game features online co-op, with up to 16 players online. If going online isn’t your thing, you can go old-school with up to four players split-screen. You can also have up to four bots to provide you with extra backup if you need it.

The story for the game casts you as one of the few survivors after war has left much of your city’s remaining population mutated into bloodthirsty monsters. As the ever-growing hordes increase, you’ve got to band together with your team to survive the onslaught.

Did I mention that +7 Software is just one person? Well, now you know. Head over to the game’s Steam page and get shooting.

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