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‘The Conjuring House’ Possesses September 25th Release Date



We mentioned RYM Games’ The Conjuring House a month ago, and today, the devs have locked in a date of September 25th on Steam for their psychologically-driven horror title.

In addition, we’ve also got a new trailer to refresh your memory, as well as show off more of what graphically looks like a sweet-looking game. Yeah, it sounds like it’s aping Outlast and Amnesia (or the upcoming Silver Chains), but hey, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The story has you sent to the Atkinson house to investigate unusual happenings surrounding the death of the owner. Once inside, you discover that you’re not able to leave, your team is gone, and you’re hunted/haunted by a ghostly demonic woman. In order to dispel the demon and escape, you must destroy a series of occult artifacts located throughout the house. You must also avoid the woman and the other creatures that stalk the house.

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