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Survive The Night Trapped in Survival Horror Send-up ‘COLINA: Legacy’



Another day, another game inspired by old-school survival horror. In all seriousness, though, Chance6’s COLINA: Legacy definitely has more effort put into it than your cheap jumpscare walking simulator.

Recently released on Steam, the game is in part inspired by the concept of escape rooms with its puzzle mechanics. The haunted house setting with only your flashlight at your side ticks off the tension checklist, too. Top it all off with some spiffy graphics and sound design, and COLINA: Legacy certainly isn’t your quick cash-grab.

The story for the game puts you as Alex, who awakens in his grandmother’s home. He soon finds himself trapped and seemingly alone in the house…or so he thinks. Faced with some truly creepy mannequin monsters (amongst others), Alex must survive the night and escape the house.

At the moment, you can grab the game on Steam with a 10% discount, so if battling through a haunted house intrigues you, then go for it.

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