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Latest ‘Call of Cthulhu’ Gameplay Trailer Tests Your Sanity



Cyanide Studios have come through again with a second gameplay trailer for their upcoming adaptation of Call of Cthulhu. Narrated by one of the devs, this trailer focuses on the sanity and phobia aspects of the game, which in turn affects the number of choices you have throughout the game, which in turn affects the ending.

In order to protect your sanity, you’ll have to rely on your skills such as speech, medicine and knowledge of the occult. Invariably, you’ll end up facing cultists and other supernatural horrors, but the idea is to mitigate the damage to your sanity, rather than completely numb yourself.

Things are made even more complicated with your fear of the dark and small spaces, which heighten the probability your sanity will be affected. If you mess up, your perception of reality starts to crumble, and your ability to make rational decisions in gameplay decreases. Bad decisions lead to bad endings.

It definitely sounds like Cyanide were able to effectively adapt Chaosium’s sanity aspect into the game, but as always, execution is key. We’ll find out come October 30th if the mechanic works as it should.

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