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Own This Scissorwalker Statue From ‘Clock Tower’ Spiritual Successor ‘NightCry’



While the Clock Tower series has sadly been dormant for years, the spiritual successor to the series was released in 2016 with Nude Maker’s NightCry. Despite mixed reviews upon its initial release, there are still plans for a PlayStation Vita (though given the state of the handheld, it might not come to fruition).

Anyhoo, one of the obvious homages to Clock Tower was NightCry‘s Scissorwalker, which as you’d expect, carries around a giant pair of scissors. Gecco Corp have decided to create a 1/6 scale figure of Scissorwalker, which you can now pre-order over at Mamegyorai.

Set for release between May and June 2019, the highly-detailed figure stands 27cm tall, and stands on a base etched with arcane symbols. A severed head of one of the cultists found in the game is also included. The entire thing is made of polyurethane resin, and will set you back 36,800 yen (roughly $330 USD).

You can check out more images of the statue on the item’s page at Mamegyorai.

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