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New Ghost Mode in ‘Hitman 2’ Tests The Art of The Kill With Friends



Now I know IO Interactive’s upcoming Hitman 2 isn’t really horror or sci-fi, but as Neil pointed out to me, the sequel to the 2016 reboot has a new multiplayer mode that’s part “Why didn’t they think of this before?”, part “This is too cool to pass up!”.

Ghost Mode is the brand-new multiplayer mode that takes 1v1 multiplayer and gives it a nice twist. Your objective in Ghost Mode is to kill targets faster and cleaner than your opponent. You’ll race to eliminate the same target to earn a point and then you’ll both move on to the next target. The first to earn five points will win. Items for your task can be found in Ghost Crates, which are available to both players, and contain the same items.

That’s the regular part. The twist comes with the fact that you and your opponent will hunt the same target, but in separate realities. You both play in the same location, but the status of your reality is only affected by your actions. On top of that, you’ll see a ghost version of your opponent in your reality, with their chosen disguise and items, as well as how close they are to the target in their reality.

When your opponent does score a successful target kill in their reality, you’ll have a short amount of time to do the same in your reality to equalize the score and keep pace. But remember, this isn’t Grand Theft Auto: Killing non-targets causes your score to decrease. It’s not always about being the fastest, but who can be the smartest about your kills. Definitely a genius use of the game’s mechanics.

Hitman 2 launches November 13th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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