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New ‘Resident Evil 2’ Remake Leaks Reveal Expanded Gameplay



Apparently, someone over at got a little too excited with their hands-on preview of Capcom’s upcoming remake of Resident Evil 2. So much so, that the article has been taken down due to things being prematurely revealed. It’s nothing that some RE veterans haven’t played before (and you have), but to see them in remake form so soon wasn’t in Capcom’s plan. If you’re not in the mood for spoilers, here’s your warning.

The article talks about how the remake will mostly follow the same design as the original, but offers up slight variations (which Capcom has previously stated). Those variations now include when you switch to Ada, the gameplay has been tweaked to offer more challenge, and when you play as Sherry, she’ll have further expanded gameplay that was not in the original game. That includes a new area for her to traverse. Furthermore, Mr. X is now tougher, and won’t go down no matter how much you keep shooting him, and there is a new enemy that appears in the sewers when you make the trek down there as Leon. And yes, that’s besides the giant alligator.

The article also included some screenshots, which go hand in hand with the reveal. Luckily, someone snagged them before the article went down for your viewing pleasure (thanks, RelyOnHorror!). The original article is still not back up as of this writing, so enjoy this early peek.

Resident Evil 2 shambles onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam January 25, 2019.

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