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Sony PlayStation Classic Could’ve Had ‘Silent Hill’ or ‘Parasite Eve’?



Like some of you, I was disappointed with the lineup of games with the Sony PlayStation Classic, which came out earlier this week. Not only were some of the more well-known classics left off of the unit, but issues such as slowed-down PAL versions of some games (like Tekken 3), the lack of DualShock controllers, and graphical quality issues left a lot to be desired. And now, with the unit’s source code being extracted and posted online, there’s sadly more disappointment in what could have been.

According to the source code, Sony had apparently tested more than 30 different titles for the unit that weren’t present in the final release. These include more genre fare like MediEvil, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Parasite Eve and Silent Hill. You can check out the listing here, courtesy of EventHubs.

Furthermore, the source code also showed that Sony did not use an proprietary emulator developed in-house, but rather the open source PlayStation emulator, PCSX-Rearmed. That’s not a bad thing, mind you. The question still remains as to why Sony chose to go with games like Cool Boarders 2 in lieu of Silent Hill. The cost of licensing is the most likely answer, but it all just adds another sense of disappointment in what could’ve been something great.

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