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‘The Vanishing of Ethan Carter’ Devs Talk Medieval Shooter ‘Witchfire’



Accounced back in 2017, The Astronauts’ dark fantasy shooter, Witchfire, hasn’t been heard of much until the team brought it up recently with a progress report, along with a couple of clips.

Witchfire is described as as a sort of alternative-history shooter where witches, as they were described in medieval times, are very real, and as “the punishing hand of the Church”, you’re responsible for seeking them out and exterminating them. However, as the developers describe it, “things are not as black and white as one might think.”

Given the admittedly flimsy good vs. evil setup, the devs say that Witchfire is a shooter “focused on challenge and mastery”. In fact, the devs put it bluntly: Witchfire is not a story-based game. “We’re trying to make sure it’s accessible and there are many roads to the ultimate victory but you’ll still need to prove your witch-hunting skills if you’re after all of its secrets.”

“There’s lore to discover and decipher, but no cut-scenes to follow. A project like that — e.g. like Bulletstorm, a game that some of us directed — would be bordering on impossible for a tiny team like ours. More importantly, though, the heart of the game is somewhere else. We will talk about it more as soon as we’re ready.”

Development on Witchfire has progressed to the point where The Astronauts will begin posting weekly updates on the game (“Witchfire Wednesdays”, as they proposed calling it). However, the game probably won’t be ready until 2020. To keep up with the updates, you can check out The Astronauts’ Twitter or Facebook.

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