Cold Iron Studios' Upcoming 'Alien' Video Game Will Be a Multiplayer Shooter for PC and Consoles - Bloody Disgusting
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Cold Iron Studios’ Upcoming ‘Alien’ Video Game Will Be a Multiplayer Shooter for PC and Consoles



If you were disappointed by yesterday’s news that the sequel to Alien: Isolation, titled Alien: Blackout, will be a mobile game, well the good news is that it’s not the only Alien video game headed our way. As you may recall, we learned almost exactly one year ago this week that FoxNext Games’ Cold Iron Studios is developing a shooter set in the Alien world!

Yes, Cold Iron Studios is still actively at work on their Alien game, described in a press release this week as being “a massively multiplayer online shooter set in the Alien cinematic universe for consoles and PC.”

We don’t have any additional info at this time, but we’re hoping this little reminder soothes the disappointment about Alien: Blackout being a mobile game. So hang tight!

Cold Iron Studios is comprised of industry veterans with a strong record of leading large-scale projects such as Neverwinter, Metroid Prime 3, BioShock Infinite, City of Heroes and many others. Cold Iron leadership includes Chief Executive Officer Craig Zinkievich, Chief Technology Officer Shannon Posniewski and Creative Director Matt Highison.

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