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New Episode of War Stories Focuses on ‘Dead Space’



We all love and miss Dead Space. The series definitely was another case of “gone too soon”. Of course, videos such as the recent GVMERS documentary shed light on what made the series so good. A new episode of Ars Technica’s video series “War Stories” once again sheds light on the love and effort that was put into the Frictional-developed series.

The episode (which you can see below) and the accompanying article has Dead Space creator Glen Schofield talking about just what he and his team had to do to bring their horrifying vision to life, including the various inspirations from horror films (such as the obvious from 1997’s Event Horizon, but also 2008’s Martyrs).

The episode has quite a lot of goodies, including the creation of the prototypes and the game’s lore, the sound design (the sound of the sub in San Francisco served as the sound of the transit system in the game), gameplay elements and more.

Schofield no longer works for EA, but he still hopes to at some point return to making a Dead Space-esque game again. And who knows, perhaps EA will finally decide to revisit the series at some point, and give fans closure. In the meantime, we’re left with awesome stories like these.

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