Artist For 'Call of Duty: WWII' Zombies Talks Production While Showing Amazing Zombie Designs - Bloody Disgusting
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Artist For ‘Call of Duty: WWII’ Zombies Talks Production While Showing Amazing Zombie Designs



Now I know that this article is less about Call of Duty: WWII the game, and more about the technical side of the design of the Nazi zombies used in the game, but it’s still damn cool (from an artist’s perspective). In an interview with 80 Level, Sergio Brotons from elite3d (who worked on the models for the game) goes over the production of the zombies, as well as showing off some truly awesome (and disgusting) designs.

The brief interview contains more technical stuff when designing game characters, such as where to focus when it comes to low-poly game models, the research that goes into the design of the look of the zombies (such as what decaying tissues look like, and looking up stuff that you generally wouldn’t want to see in real life), and for those who are into making game characters, just what makes up a “good” 3D character.

But yeah, if you’re not into the technical stuff, at least you can appreciate the effort and skill it takes to bring these designs to life, which are beautifully gross. Do check out the interview from the link above. You can also check out more of Sergio’s stuff from his ArtStation portfolio.

Resistance: DLC Pack 1, the newest DLC pack for Call of Duty: WWII, hits January 30th for Xbox One and PC. The DLC was released last month for PlayStation 4.

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