Deep Silver Comments on 'Metro Exodus' Epic Games Store Backlash, Remains Committed to PC - Bloody Disgusting
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Deep Silver Comments on ‘Metro Exodus’ Epic Games Store Backlash, Remains Committed to PC



Stemming from Deep Silver’s decision to move their upcoming shooter Metro Exodus from Steam over to the Epic Games Store, there have been a select group of “fans” who had taken to review-bombing the earlier Metro games on Steam. This was decidedly not cool, as you’re punishing the developers, not the publisher.

As a result of the backlash, an unnamed 4A Games employee took to the internet to state that if players avoided the PC version of Metro Exodus, that future entries in the series would be at risk of not appearing on PC at all.

To put an end to the gong show that this was quickly becoming, Deep Silver took to Twitter to dispell any misconceptions. Chief among them was the confirmation that the decision to move to the Epic Games Store was made by Deep Silver, and that any feedback should be relayed to them, not 4A Games.

Furthermore, the comments made by the 4A Games employee “do not reflect Deep Silver’s or 4A Games’ view on the future of the franchise.” Lastly, Deep Silver stated that they have “every intention of continuing this franchise, and a PC version will always be at the heart of our plans.”

Metro Exodus launches for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via the Epic Games Store on February 15th.

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