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Trailer Released For Upcoming Psychological Horror Game ‘Dollhouse’



After declaring that their psychological film noire horror game Dollhouse would be released this year, developer Creazn Studio have taken a step closer to that release by unveiling a new trailer for the game, which is due out for PlayStation 4 and Steam.

In Dollhouse, players assume the identity of Marie. Once known as “The Greatest Detective in the World”, Marie is now suffering from amnesia and desperately trying to get her memories back. The only memory that remains with her is of the night that her daughter Emily died.

Marie is trapped inside the sinister Dollhouse, where the doors are locked, clocks have stopped, and journals are hidden away. To escape, she has to sift through the ashes of reality to recover the remains of her memories and find out what happened to Emily. She has to be cautious, however, as something is watching her from the shadows.

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