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Bring ‘Dino Crisis’ Into ‘Resident Evil 2’ With New Mod



Another day, another mod for Resident Evil 2. This time, however, modder Crazy Potato has created a mod that brings in Regina and Dylan Morton from Capcom’s other classic survival horror game, Dino Crisis!

The mod basically swaps Clair and Chris for the Dino Crisis crew, as well as brings in some new goodies, including new weapons such as the Glock. Sherry is also now sporting a Dino Crisis jacket, just to show how much she loves the game (don’t tell her dad). Crazy Potato notes that the new weapons spawn in scenario A, and that you’ll need to be wearing the Regina costume or have it installed if you want to use the Glock.

As with mods of this nature, it’s not entirely bug-free, but the modder is working on it. So, until Capcom decides to finally revisit the franchise that cashed in on our love of dinosaurs running amok (and because, you know, Jurassic Park), this’ll tide you over.

In other non-modding news, the free ’98 versions of Leon and Claire’s costumes (which were announced last month) are now available for fans to snag. For Steam users, you’ll have to manually add them to your Steam library in order for you to take advantage of their blocky goodness.

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