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You Play as the Killer Shark in Official New ‘Jaws’ Mobile Game!



While we wait for the arrival of Maneater later this year, which essentially looks to be a new version of 2006’s Jaws Unleashed, a new mobile game has just arrived to tide us over. It’s titled, an officially licensed game now available through the App Store and Google Play!

In the “free and fast-paced multiplayer hyper-casual io game,” you alternate between playing as a boat hunting down the shark and as the shark itself, hunting down EVERYTHING.

Here are the game’s main bullet points, to give you an idea of what to expect:

– Use simple one-finger controls to dive in and compete against other players in action-packed 2-minute matches. Start off as a small boat and rescue swimmers to increase your score, your ship size, and your chance to become the infamous shark. Can you accumulate the highest score and earn the top title as JAWS?

– As a boat, dash to the rescue of more and more swimmers to increase in size. The bigger the ship you have, the easier it will be to take down JAWS. Especially since he gets bigger as he eats more buoys, wooden dock planks… and swimmers…

– Be the first player in the round to take down the one and only JAWS to assume control of the killer shark! Avoid other player’s boats and continue to devour in order to remain in the lead. If a player manages to take down your shark, they will become JAWS next!

– Compete with up to seven friends! Same rules apply but here you can use a unique code to open the waters to those you want to specifically compete against

– Complete the match with the most points and emerge at the top of the leaderboard. Share your score with friends and challenge them to future matches.

– Don’t be a chum with the basics — unlock new boats and shark skins with achievements! Before each round choose a custom skin and stand out from the other fish in the sea. The more achievements you unlock, the more skin options you’ll have.

Download for free and start playing today!

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