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Fast-Paced Metroidvania Style Gameplay Awaits in ‘ScourgeBringer’



Let’s be honest: Some days, you just want to bust out a fast-paced Metroidvania game and go nuts, zipping around the map, dodging and executing mid-air dashes while taking out enemies left and right. With Flying Oak Games’ and Dear Villagers’ upcoming ScourgeBringer, that’s the exact intention.

A fast-paced, free-moving rogue-like platformer that harkens recalls recent games like Dead Cells and Axiom Verge, but with a frantic combat system and a fluid control scheme. You are Kyhra. The world has been besieged by the Scourge, which has decimated the population. You’ve been tasked with entering the depths and clearing out whatever’s brought the Scourge to your world.

Featuring an ever-changing map, with a dozen of huge bosses to tackle and music that adapts to the situation, ScourgeBringer seems definitely geared towards those who enjoy this a game of this pacing.

While there’s no release date as of yet, you can wishlist the game on Steam.

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