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Kojima Confirms That ‘Death Stranding’ is Delayed



To the surprise of no one, Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding is facing slight delays.

In an interview with Japanese website J-Wave, Kojima stated that due to the process of constantly adjusting and playtesting Death Stranding, the project is slightly behind schedule.

However, Kojima (and according to Google’s translation) states that “Many studios lag behind the planned release date,” despite the fact that we still don’t know when Death Stranding is being released.

However, Kojima reassures fans that the game, his first since leaving Konami, is “not much delayed”, and that he’s not compromising on the quality of the title in spite of the delays.

“If you are an amateur artistic work you can make it satisfactory. However, because there is a delivery date, it is possible to set goals and prioritize them. Because I’ve been making for a long time without a delivery date, I can do my best because I have a delivery date and I can do what I can do so. However, I can not put out when I fall below my passing line.”

Death Stranding is due out for PlayStation 4.

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