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New ‘Hitman 2’ Elusive Target Revealed as Part of March Roadmap



IO Interactive have revealed the next elusive target for Hitman 2 players. From now until March 18, players will have the opportunity in the Hawke’s Bay level to eliminate Dame Barbra Elizabeth Keating, a corrupt politician who has dodged a scandal, and is about to embark on a PR tour with a body double for safety. If you manage to complete the contract without killing the double, you’ll get a higher rating upon completion.

As an added bonus, for those who still don’t own the game, this elusive target is also part of the recently-released Free Starter Pack for Hitman 2, meaning you can try this elusive target out for free!

This new elusive target is also part of Hitman 2‘s March update schedule, which also includes “The Butler Did It”, a challenge pack that unlocks a feather duster, some featured contracts sourced from the community, a Sniper Assassin map for owners of Expansion 1 and the Expansion Pass, and Escalation Contract in Colombia, and finally a Legacy Exclusive Target. The Butler Did It will be available on March 29, which will also feature the return of the Black Hat from the previous Hitman game. Eliminating him will unlock a tuxedo with gloves.

You can check out IO’s roadmap for March on their website.

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