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‘Negative Atmosphere’ Preps For EGX With a New Trailer



Dead Space may be gone, but it’s certainly not forgotten. Case in point: Sun Scorched Studios’ Negative Atmosphere, which has just unveiled a new teaser for EGX REZZED, which is taking place in England April 4th to the 6th.

Negative Atmosophere puts you in the shoes of one 49-year-old ex-combat medic called Samuel Edwards. Set in the midst of a cold war in which A.I has been achieved via the use of organic processing cores, Edwards is currently stationed aboard the long-range cargo and haulage ship the TRH Rusanov.

A mysterious sickness has appeared on the Rusanov, and has subsequently spread throughout the ship, causing all the robots and personnel to mutate into hideous creatures that are hell-bent on the destruction of all the organisms around them. Naturally, you must escape, not only with your life, but your sanity, as well. As you progress through the game, your mental state will deteriorate and hallucinations will set in.

Obviously, Negative Space echoes the horror and the mind-messing that Dead Space was so good at doing. Which is a more than welcome thing. If you’re keen on helping Sun Scorched Studios out, you can always check out their Patreon and chip a few bucks their way.

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